Day vs Night…

Our 3rd week of concept art reveals is upon us and we’ve got a double whammy! Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios are bringing two images this week to really help showcase some differences in how the game is being approached in regards to lighting. Lighting can deceptively sound simple but every facet of geometry needs to be considered in how we light the game. Below as always is more info from the artist themselves about the purpose of this concept and what it’s used for as the game is being developed.

“Here’s the story behind this week’s image. Not every piece of concept art directly represents something that is in the game. This is a very early piece back when we were working out what a slightly more urban environment might look like, and you shouldn’t expect to see it verbatim. What you can expect to see is what we we’re really doing, which was figuring out what our colors should be under various lighting conditions. It was rigged specifically so we could play with different levels of night and day. In fact, there are two versions of this exact piece. This one is rigged for day, and the other is rigged for night.”


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