Jeff Strain @gamescom & More

Did you catch it? The one and only Jeff Strain was in Cologne Germany for the Xbox@gamescom live announcement to talk all things State of Decay 2. Want to know what he had to say? Check out the cliff notes or watch the full interview below.

  • Seamless 4 player co-op multiplayer
  • Doubled down on what worked well
  • The game isn’t just about killing zombies, it’s about the connection and community
  • More story on “what happened” will unfold in State Of Decay 2

What’s next?

You’re likely wondering why Jeff didn’t preview a new trailer, gameplay, or a teaser during his interview. Well it’s actually quite simple. Our goal is to continue to move forward towards that spring 2018 release date so that we can get State Of Decay 2 out to you the community. Right now that is our sole purpose in life. With that said, our presence at gamescom 2017 will be behind closed door only. Why you ask? First, it allows us to share the State Of Decay 2 experience with those in Europe who may not have had a chance to see it at past events here in the States. Second, by not having a big setup, or show presence, it allows the rest of the team to stay back at home and continue to work on State Of Decay 2 so that it’s ready for spring 2018. Which in the end is what we all really want.

Free Stuff!

We understand that waiting is tough, but trust us when we say that the wait will be well worth it. In the meantime we’ve got a few things to giveaway to help pass the time.  Tune in Tuesday 08/22/2017 on any of our social channels for all the details on how to win these pins & more!