Did someone say blood plague?

What is the blood plague?

Did you happen to notice the most recent news coming from the State of Decay 2 behind closed doors sessions at gamescom 2017? If not, you may want to check out some exciting new information that Xbox On, IGN, and several others posted earlier this week. They talk about a new blood plague zombie, the choices you’ll have to make, and consequences of your actions.

In the video below Xbox On talks about their experiences with State of Decay 2 and their interactions with the “blood plague” 

credit Xbox On – YouTube

More of a reader? You’re in luck. IGN.com also published some information on how they experienced the blood plague during their behind closed doors session at gamescom 2017.

“Laden here, while he was out on a scavenger hunt he contracted the blood plague, said Foge. Once you contract blood plague through a blood plague zombie, it starts a timer, and once that timer finishes they’re going to turn into a blood plague zombie themselves.” – IGN.com

View the full article here.

What do you think of this new information? What choices would you make? How will you survive?