Cealaigh Molden is an artist from Manchester, England, who combines her love of illustration and video games to create amazing original fan art. Because she is rad, we reached out to her about a collaboration celebrating State of Decay 2‘s 4th anniversary. To our delight, she loved the idea, and in this post you’ll get to know Cealaigh in her own words, see more of her artwork, and find out how to win her art.


UL: Tell us about yourself 

I’m 26 and based in Manchester, UK. I started drawing seriously when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I had the Piggyback strategy guides for Final Fantasy X and X-2. I loved the character art in them and tried to draw them myself! As I got older, I started listening to Alternative rock/metal music too. I would be inspired by posters of the musicians in magazines and that’s when I started to practice ‘real’ portraits. I’ve always enjoyed the realism side of art both as a viewer and a creator. I think people are very interesting subjects for art. I love trying to convey their emotions and feeling through details in my work. I also recently branched out into wildlife and pet portraits too. My main medium is pencil, which I’ve been drawing in for about 16 years now. I started using fineliner pens approximately 4 years ago and Copic markers during this past year or so. I enjoy experimenting with smooth shading, stippling (the works in pen made up of tiny dots!) full colour, mixed media etc. I’ll give anything a go!


Win Cealaigh’s SoD2 fan art! Click the image to find out how to enter


You can win Cealaigh’s original artwork inspired by State of Decay 2, as well as a Steam code of the game. Click here to enter!

UL: What inspires you?

Kimahri from Final Fantasy X in stippling style with fineliner pens


UL: What do you love most about State of Decay 2? 

My favourite thing about State of Decay 2 is the tactical management aspect of the game. You have to consider so much- where will we settle? Where are the traders/enclaves/local resources? What should we prioritise building in the settlement first? Which survivors are worth keeping and training? It is so in depth and so much more than just ‘shoot the undead’ and I love that it keeps you interested and wanting to log back on and explore more of the map.

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UL: If the zombie apocalypse began tomorrow, what’s the first thing you would do?

If the zombie apocalypse began tomorrow I’d raid my local pharmacy for medical supplies, sit my cat Morgana in a backpack and grab a hammer before heading to a secure building! Preferably somewhere with high gates already built in like a warehouse or a local school (if it’s not full of zombie kids!!) 

Pencil drawing of Aloy from Horizon: Forbidden West


UL: Aside from State of Decay 2, what are your favorite games?

Aside from SOD2, my favourite games are often story driven action/adventure type JRPG/RPGs. My top franchises are Final Fantasy, Yakuza/Judgement, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Right now i’m playing through Horizon Forbidden West, which is a wonderful game. As I mentioned I also really enjoy management games and so I’m really looking forward to Two Point: Campus which comes out im a few months!

UL: What’s next for you?

After the SOD2 giveaway I’ll be running a collab with another amazing artist @krystine_art for the Ghost of Tsushima anniversary in July. Once I reach 11.5k followers i’ll be running a pet portrait commission giveaway too —  these will both run through Twitter. 

Thank you so much for collaborating with us! To find out more about Cealaigh’s art, including how to win the State of Decay 2 art giveaway, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.