Survival isn’t easy when death stalks your every move. But every monster has a weakness. Let’s meet the undead infestations of State of Decay 2 so you’re prepared for the fight ahead.

Zombies in State of Decay 2 come in several different flavors. Besides your classic brain-loving shufflers, you’ll encounter gory and more dangerous plague variants, as well as mutated and misshapen freaks who demand a range of tactics to take them down. Besides the undead, the world itself is an uncertain place. You’ll need to wrest your territory back from malevolent plague hearts guarded by hordes of zombies. And don’t forget that even fellow humans can be a threat!


This big boy knows how to party … by which we mean “tear you in half with its bare hands.”

Big but clumsy

Beware it’s lumbering charge

Listen for it’s distinctive roar


These gas bags on legs explode, leaving behind a toxic, choking miasma.

Slow…until they see you

Stay out of their cloud

Pop’em from a distance


Their ear-shattering scream summons endless waves of hungry zombies.

Attracts other zombies to their position

Their scream will stun you

Take them out quick


When the four-legged feral starts tracking you, the hunt is on until one of you is dead.

Tough and fast-moving

Deadly leap attack

Put them down like a rabid dog


As malevolent incubators of blood plague, horrifying plague hearts control the area around them.

Found at the center of every plague territory

Extremely tough to destroy

Usually surrounded by zombies


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Update 36: Quality of Life Fixes

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