In June we set sail with a Sea of Thieves x State of Decay 2 crossover, bringing you an epic new way to swashbuckle!

We are thrilled to work with our friends and colleagues at Rare who created this incredible ship, the Blighted Galleon, sure to strike terror in the heart of your enemies. The only thing scarier than a Jolly Roger on the horizon is a pirate ship of undead origins!

“The complete Blighted Ship Set will be available for purchase in the Pirate Emporium soon, and will include Sails, Flag, Figurehead, Cannons, Capstan, Hull and Wheel (plus Collector’s variants of the Figurehead and Sails). Each of these ship parts is stylised to reimagine an encounter with State of Decay’s living dead in the world of Sea of Thieves, where the dead also return to life but tend to be a bit less… ripe.”

You can get the Blighted ship set in the Pirate Emporium now.

For players wanting to keep their feet on terra firma, we’ve brought the pirate theme to you! In our next update (the Green Zone Update), we’re introducing the Plunder Pack, inspired by Sea of Thieves!


This pack adds four weapons, two outfits, two hats, and one seriously sexy vehicle to the game. All nine of these wonderful items are available by completing bounties for the Bounty Broker. More details very soon!

Talk to the business end of me cutlass, ya swab

Get a sneak peek of the Plunder Pack on our developer livestream. (Psst: here’s the recap on YouTube!) The Green Zone Update is out very soon — this week!– and we’ll update here as soon as it’s live!

Like what you see? Want more of these crossovers? Be sure to tell us what you think on Discord!

Whether you find yourself on the high seas or in the heartland, stay safe and have fun!

Be more pirate in the zombie-themed ship!