Survivors, meet Cash Beaumont.

Cash is part of a new system we’re introducing in CU 10, which is live now and free for all players. Cash’s first offering is the Critical Response Weapons Pack. Take a look!

Read the entire patch notes here! We’ve included a major amount of fixes and improvements, largely drawn from your feedback. Thank you for playing and being an unbelievably supportive community! We hope you really enjoy these changes.


Can Cash Beaumont die?

Cash Beaumont is larger than life. Death cannot bind him.

Does he only appear on certain days?

Unlike rare traders, Cash Beaumont can be found 7 days a week in all three maps, open for business.

If I complete a bounty in Standard difficulty, do I have to do it again on a different difficulty setting (Dread or Nightmare)?

Once you complete the bounty (and pay the necessary influence), the item is yours across all difficulty settings. No need to re-do it.

What items will Cash offer for bounties in the future?

We’ve got some ideas but first we’d like to hear about your experience with the new system. Give us your feedback on Discord!

Happy bounty hunting!