Celebrate State of Decay 2 turning 2 years old by taking your very best exploding cake screenshot, and you could win 6 bonus packs! 

Here is how it works:

  1. Visit the Bounty Broker and learn how to unlock the Anniversary Cake Oven facility mod. Then craft some Anniversary Cakes.
  2. Invite a few zombies over, offer them some cake, and start snapping screenshots. Submit your perfect shot on our Discord in the #AnniversaryCake channel.
  3. You have until May 26th at 11:59 PM PDT to submit your entries.
  4. One entry per person and must be 17 years old or older.

How to win:

  • This time around voting will be a mix between Undead Labs and the community. 
    • From May 27-29th Undead Labs will vote on their favorites, then on May 30th we will post the top 10 on our  Discord server in the same channel you submitted in (#AnniversaryCake)
    • May 30th – June 1st you vote on your favorite screenshot by using the :cake: emoji. 


  • The 3 entries with the most votes receive 6 State of Decay Bonus Pack codes:
    • 1 Survivors Pack
    • 1 Apocalyptic Pack
    • 1 Survival Pack
    • 1 Prepper’s Pack
    • 1 SHTF Pack
    • 1 Doomsday Pack
  • Winners will be notified by the account they used to enter, so make sure you have direct messages enabled. 

Please note: You have to redeem codes on your Microsoft account, and you have to have the Xbox or Microsoft Store version of the game for the code to work. If you also have the Steam version, then after you unlock, it should transfer, but there is no place to enter the code on Steam.

Official rules