Update 30: Forever Communities is finally here!

Thank you for your patience as we discovered bugs, fixed them, tested, iterated, and repeated this process over and over until we felt good about putting it onto your PC’s and consoles. This update is jam-packed with system changes, upgrades, and quality of life fixes that you have been asking us for. We’re so happy to finally get it to you!

Read the full patch notes here on the support site, or here on Steam (with pretty pictures).



You already know the key highlights:

  • Legacy character recruits
  • Five new save slots
  • Supply locker sorting and stacking
  • Salvage ??


But did you also know you get:

  • A new way to choose maps and even preview bases without changing your difficulty
  • Captions resizing (accessibility feature)


Tune in today, Monday, August 22 at 3pm PT to hear from Chris and Meg about making this update! Join us on Youtube or on Twitch.

Enjoy your forever communities, survivors, and be sure to tell us what you think in Discord!