Just in time for Halloween, win and wear the real-life version of the new time-limited mask coming to State of Decay 2

The SCARECROW mask was created by Grim Stitch Factory exclusively for State of Decay 2.

After construction, the mask was shipped to Undead Labs, where it was then scanned and recreated in the game by the extraordinarily talented Susan Jessup, who shared her fondness for the horror genre in her post ‘We Who Love Monsters’.

The mask is made of layers of thick, high-quality, organic burlap, with no silicones or latex. It features lacing up the back making it adjustable for an adult to wear it, and has decent visibility. You could be the proud owner of this one of a kind custom piece this Halloween season! 

To enter, submit an original piece of flash fiction. Flash fiction is a very short story. Your challenge is to tell your story in 10 words or less! The story can take any theme, from humorous to spooky. The only requirements are the ten words (or less) and set in the world of State of Decay.

Hint: Not sure where to get started? Learn more about what is arguably the most famous example of flash fiction, a story in just six words.

If ten words or less seems daunting, then you’ll be happy to know that a game screenshot must also accompany your story -- and a picture is worth a thousand words. 

The real life mask from Grimstitch Factory

The contest runs from October 6 until October 20th. Winning entries will be selected by Undead Labs. One winner will receive the Scarecrow Mask (U.S. only). 

Additional and international winners will receive a special in-game prize package of:

  • 3,000 Prestige (enough for a Red Talon contractor)
  • UPDATE: Both of the following extremely rare weapons:
    • the Championship Bat (Thanks to some sharp eyed community members, this weapon is in fact found in rare game situations!)
    • the Veteran’s Machete
    • the Übermallet.

International winners will win prestige and two extremely rare weapons

These weapons are not found in any loot tables or bounty packs. They can only be unlocked by a developer.

Here's a look at the stats:

Winners will be contacted individually and announced on a future developer livestream.

To enter:

  • Submit your story of ten words or less and accompanying in-game screenshot on this form
  • Get your entries in before 11:59pm PT on October 20th
    • You may enter more than once
    • Stories can take any theme, but must be set in the world of State of Decay
  • Please note that the mask can only be shipped within the United States.
  • International winners will need to include their GamerTag in order to receive their digital prize package in-game, and will be contacted by our Customer Advocate

We look forward to your entries!

Official Contest Rules