Welcome home, to where it all began.


Trumbull Valley, the iconic map of the original State of Decay game, has been lovingly recreated and fully remastered for State of Decay 2, and is now ready to welcome your community as our fifth open world map.

Since the first appearance of Trumbull Valley years ago, we’ve changed engines, optimized for Xbox Series X, and the lore of the world has evolved beyond the events in Heartland. The map you see now is fresh, new, and painstakingly hand crafted, teeming with experiences and loot you can’t get anywhere else.


It’s not the Trumbull you think you know, whether you’ve played the first game or you’ve played through Heartland. Time moves differently here than anywhere else in the game. Familiar faces have changed. The landscape, expanded to include Mt. Tanner and Fairfield, tells a new story.

Here in Trumbull Valley, destruction lives side by side with redemption. There is a lot for you to explore. We hope you love discovering all it has to offer.

While you’re busy reading the patch notes and joining us for our special launch day livestream (at the time of publishing, September 1st, 1-3pm PT), make sure to check out Ray Santos’ welcome message, (premiering on YouTube at 3pm PT). Look back at Desi’s radio broadcasts, and keep an eye on our Twitter feed to guide you to your ideal base.

And, we’ve partnered with the Microsoft Rewards team to award you points for completing any of the two new achievements, along with renting a movie and watching our premiere trailer! Check it out on your console to activate your punchcard.

Thank you again from all of us at Undead Labs for being an amazing community, ten million strong.

Happy Homecoming!