We’re grateful to everyone who has signed up so far. Thank you for helping us reach our modest goal of $2021 and for pitching in to #SmashZedsHelpKids! If you haven’t signed up, we invite you to be part of our team. Simply join us this weekend, before Sunday November 21, at midnight PT. (This gives us time to verify information and send you swag — more below!) 

Signing up is simple

First, join the official team on the Extra Life page.
Second, fill out our tracking form so we can send you stuff* and things**! 

While you can certainly stream any game that makes you and your community happy, we do ask that you stream State of Decay 2 for at least one hour. We also require you to abide by our code of conduct. After all, this is for the little childrens. 

*  pins!**  game codes!

Did someone say swag?

In honor of your participation, we’ll send you one of our limited-edition Zombie Controller pins, designed by Megan for Extra Life 2021. Here’s a peek straight from the factory! 


Each streamer on our team will be granted a set number of pins to use for giveaways. We’ve planned this so that nothing will be out of your pocket — after all, you’re helping us hit our fundraising goal for children’s hospitals, and we truly appreciate your support. All you need to do is collect the names and addresses of winners and provide that to us no later than Wednesday, December 8. That’s it! We’ll handle the shipping! Yay!

We’ve got more for you! We’ll also email you State of Decay 2 codes for Steam to use for donation milestones. Since the pins are limited, we’re going to do our best to distribute them fairly across all participating streamers. Once the pins are gone, you’ll still receive Steam codes to use for your fundraising. You can distribute the codes directly to your audience as you hit your donation milestones.


I’m new to this. What should I do?

We are, kinda, too! Extra Life has a huge amount of resources for getting started. We recommend checking out this video.
We encourage you to be clear with your community about how you’ll be giving away the swag (such as, every _ number of donations or every _dollar amount, but we leave that up to you). Just make sure your viewers know how to participate!

On the tracking form, be sure to tell us your schedule by including your streaming time in the Pacific time zone so we can promote you on our social feeds. As much as possible, we’ll host your stream on the official State of Decay Twitch channel. If there are overlapping times, we’ll do our best to give both streamers a host, with preference going to order of sign up.

Let’s go!

Those are the details! If you have questions please contact social@undeadlabs.com and we’ll get you an answer! Remember to sign up no later than midnight this weekend. After that, we will be closed for additional team members, in order to hit our deadlines.

Thank you for supporting Extra Life! Let’s play some games!