Celebrate National Video Games Day and the upcoming release of Update 34: Curveball with these new State of Decay 2 wallpapers! Featuring modal art and screenshots of purple-eyed freaks, these wallpapers are sure to add a freaky flair to your devices!

In Update 34: Curveball, the blood plague has evolved and interesting genetic mutations have taken hold, bringing new threats and opportunities that’ll force you to change up your typical strategies. Catch up on everything you need to know about Update 34 by watching our dev stream here.



Update 34: Curveball modal art


Batter up for Curveball!


Gargantua mutation incoming!

Beware of high toxicity bloaters!

The blood plagued has evolved in Curveball….will you strike out or hit it out of the park?



Modal art of an Armored Platoon Zombie


Modal art of an undead baseman


Look deep into their purple eyes…


You can run but, you can’t hide. 


Bloaters are deadlier than ever. 


How will you fair against tougher, stronger, and smarter freaks and hostiles?