How does it sound to be rewarded for playing State of Decay 2 and watching some awesome movies?! For a limited time, you can do exactly that, thanks to our partnership with the Rewards team, in celebration of the new update!

If you’re not familiar with Microsoft Rewards, it’s a free program you can opt into, that lets you earn points for things you already enjoy doing. Points are accrued in a variety of ways, such as completing daily challenges, purchasing items from the Microsoft store, and of course, playing games.

Are you being rewarded for play? Log in to your Microsoft account and opt-in! You can also learn more on your console.

The new State of Decay 2 themed punchcard lets you earn Rewards points three different ways:

  1. Complete any of the three new achievements in Update 25 for 500 points. They are:

  • Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota (10) — Claim a landmark outpost.
  • A Three Hour Tour (20) — Claim 3 landmark outposts.
  • But It Can Be Better (20) — Fully upgrade a resource outpost.

Read the full patch notes here!

2. Movie night! For an additional 500 points, rent and enjoy any one of four action-packed movies:

  • Zombieland
  • Love & Monsters
  • World War Z
  • Mad Max: Fury Road

3. BONUS: Complete both of the above (earn any one achievement and rent any movie) for an additional 500 points. In total, you have the opportunity to earn 1500 Rewards points from this challenge.

To get started, activate your punchcard on the Rewards portal now! This challenge runs from June 21 to July 11.

This challenges is only available in English speaking territories.