A new way to survive.


Hello Survivors!


Today we’re introducing a way to reward our amazing community for all their interaction! We’re partnering with Refereum to give you ways to win content-rich weapon and supply packs, like the Prepper’s Pack and Apocalypse Pack, that you can’t get anywhere else. Earn points just by watching videos and livestreams, following us on our social media or joining us in Discord. Whatever your preferred engagement style, there’s something for everyone.


What can I win?


You have the chance to win one of our weapon and supply packs, not available anywhere else, including:


Survivor’s Pack

Melee Weapon – Zed-Swatter (Blunt): No, seriously, it says it right there on the head: SWAT.
Vehicle – Vagabond (Gambler paint job): A 4-wheeler with a custom paint job.


Prepper’s Pack

Melee Weapon – Grasscutter: It may not be an immortal blade from ancient history, but it sure slices through zombies as if it were.
Vehicle – Rhames V (Tiger Claw paint job): A modern truck with a custom paint job.


Survival Pack

Melee Weapon – Skullsplitter (Blade): This devastating broadsword bears a simple Latin inscription that all would-be zombie slayers should remember: Semper Sursum (Always Aim High).
Vehicle – Miragra (Flaming Demon Skull paint job): A modern sedan with a custom paint job.


Apocalyptic Pack

Melee Weapon – Titan Bat: If the gods came down to Earth to fight zombies, this is what they’d use.
Vehicle – Pilato (Kraken paint job): An SUV with a custom paint job.


The SHTF Pack

Melee Weapon – Zedpiercer (Blunt): Once a mere firefighting tool, this nasty weapon has found new life with a single purpose: Kill all zombies.
Vehicle – Brogan Rapscallion (Pizza Cat paint job): A hatchback with a custom paint job.

But wait, what is Refereum?


Refereum is a company for gamers, that rewards you for interacting with your favorite games. Simply connect with your Facebook, Discord, or Twitch account, or sign up with an email address. Then, watch streams and videos, share posts and connect socially to earn rare rewards!


How does this work?


Refereum is very secure — in fact, it’s built on the Ethereum blockchain! Feel confident that you’re in good hands. Take a look at how your data is secured in the terms of service. You can connect with many other games you might already be playing and start earning rewards for games like Sea of Thieves and Minecraft, too. Earn rewards for doing what you’re already doing — streaming and watching your favorite games.


What if I’m not a streamer?


You don’t have to be a streamer to earn points! Take a look at the full list of actions you can take to rack up the points. Follow us on social channels, join us in Discord, watch streams of State of Decay 2 and more: there are lots of ways to participate, and some of them you’re probably already doing. Be sure to check back because there will be new ways to earn points beyond what you see right now.


How will I get my code?


Congratulations, first of all! Thank you for being an engaged member of our community! We couldn’t do this without you. Refereum will reach out to you directly on your account to let you know you’ve won — and to give you the code.


Let’s do this!


Time to start turning the time you spend on the Internet into game loot. Connect your Refereum account so you can earn points while you watch. Couldn’t be easier! Let us know what you think of the campaign in Discord (hey you’ll earn points if you haven’t joined us there yet!)


PS — Watch for Refereum to livestream State of Decay 2 today at 4:45pm for a chance to win a one year subscription to Game Pass!