Suited and booted

Looking good in the zompocalypse isn’t just about fashion. “Clothes make the man,” Mark Twain once wrote. “Naked people have little or no influence in society.” 

Even when surviving at your base, you want your survivors to reflect who they really are. Your Warlord leader? Gotta have that Red Talon tactical gear. Your former EMT? Perfect for the firefighter uniform. That goofy survivor always making lame jokes? How about a light-up Christmas sweater. Year ‘round.

Outfits. Not just digital anymore.

Over the past couple of years we’ve released a swathe of outfit updates for you to find, loot, and earn. We’re proud to say it’s some of the most popular content we’ve released. It’s only right that we finally can outfit you, the mastermind behind your community’s survival.

Real life ‘fits are here, ready to make everything else in your closet jelly. To celebrate, we’ve designed a few ways that you can win your favorite swag item from the new State of Decay Xbox Gear store!

Got all the hoodies you need? We also have mugs and accessories that capture the spirit of the game, featuring the in-game Fork In the Road diner of Trumbull Valley. 

Win your favorite merch!

We’re giving away a total of twelve brand-new swag items from the merch store:

 – Three classic Skeagle emblem T-shirts
 – Three Red Talon T-shirts
 – Three Bronto Gas T-shirts
 – Three classic Skeagle emblem T-shirts in camo


Let’s get started

We know you want them all, who can blame you? Please read carefully to get the best chance of bringing one of these awesome Tees home!


The Prize: Black Camo Skeagle T-shirt

To enter: Share your best or favorite gameplay clip with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Use hashtag #SoDLetsPlay to make sure we see it. See details below for how to enter on each platform (up to 4 entries per person!). This is important!

The Prize: Red Talon T-shirt

To enter: Share a screenshot of your Red Talon Community members on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Include the hashtag #RedTalonRiseUp. See details below for how to enter on each platform (up to 4 entries per person!). This is important!

The Prize: Bronto Gas Shirt

To enter: Share a screenshot of one of your survivors at the in-game Bronto Gas station on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or all three, using the hashtag #BrontoGasMeUp (lucky you can loot it, gas prices are even higher in the apocalypse!) See details below for how to enter on each platform (up to 4 entries per person!). This is important!

The Prize: Classic Skeagle Emblem T-shirt

To enter: Get creative with why State of Decay is part of your life! It could be a skeagle tattoo, wearing swag in real life, some of your favorite screenshots you’ve taken, meeting us at a tradeshow (remember those?!) or recreating your base out of mashed potatoes. Creativity and fun are the name of the game here! Enter on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or all three.

Be sure to use the hashtag #SoDSurvivorsUnite so we can find your entry! As with all other prizes, see details below for how to enter on each platform (up to 4 entries per person!). This is important!

Okay, about that important part we keep harping on

We really want you to be successful because disqualifying anyone sucks and we’re not here for it. However, we also have rules! Please be familiar with the different ways to enter to win, below. 

Every platform is a little bit different. You can enter on each platform, one, or a combination, it’s totally up to you.


How you enter on each platform 

  • Instagram
    • Share this original contest post to your stories (make sure your profile isn’t set to private otherwise we can’t see it!)
    • Post your entry with the correct hashtag on your grid (aka make a post, not a story. Again, make sure we can see your profile!)
Sample contest post you’ll see on Instagram. See our profile for more!
  • Facebook
    • Share this contest post to your page (make sure your profile isn’t private!)
    • Comment on the post with your entry and the specific hashtag to qualify for each prize
  • Twitter
    • Quote/RT this original tweet
    • Post your entry (for any category) in the replies, quotes, or in your own dedicated tweet and use the correct hashtag
Sample post you’ll see on Twitter. Follow us for more ways to enter!

Contest Rules

  • This contest runs from March 25th, 9am PT, until Sunday, April 3, 11:59pm PT
  • Entries that successfully fill the requirements above are added to a pool, and winners will be chosen for each prize at random.
  • Four entries max are allowed per platform, one entry for each prize. It doesn’t matter which platform!
  • We must be able to see your profile in order to validate your entries. You can toggle your profile(s) to public for this contest and return them to private once the contest is over!
  • We will announce the winners on an upcoming livestream and on our Twitter feed so stay tuned!


Getting your prize!

Congratulations, you’ve won! Now it’s time for the fun part. We’ll reach out to you to confirm your winning entry and coordinate shipping your prize T-shirt from the Xbox Gear store!

Lookin’ sharp over there

Thank you for being part of our amazing State of Decay community. We couldn’t do it without you! We can’t wait to see your contest entries. We’re rooting for you!



Fine Print

  1. One photo, screenshot, or gameclip per entry/comment. Max 1 entry per shirt per platform. Max 12 total entries per person across Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. You must only post your own photos, screenshots, game clips.
  2. Winners will be chosen at random by 4/6 and announced on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. Please be sure to follow us.
  3. This contest is open to all residents ages 16+ of countries currently being served by the Xbox Gear Shop. If the Xbox Gear Shop cannot ship to your country, you will not qualify. :pensive: More details:
  4. This contest is not sponsored or endorsed by Meta, Facebook, or Instagram.
  5. You may only enter between the time of this posting through Sunday, 4/3/2022 at 11:59pm Pacific Time
  6. Entries that fail to meet the requirements or are considered to be bad taste will be disqualified at Undead Labs’ discretion