Deck the halls with eerie cobwebs and ghastly skulls. Halloween is nigh! To celebrate our favorite time of year, we’re bringing back our flash fiction contest to Discord and we want to hear your best spine-chilling tales of terror.

Head over to the #tales-of-terror forum channel under the Contests category on our Discord server between now and Thursday, Oct. 27 to submit your entry for a chance to win a $50 gift card to the Xbox Gear Shop.

Here are the entry details and requirements:

  • In 200 words or less, compose a story set in the State of Decay universe. If you need an idea, feel free to base your story on one of the following topics:
    • A short story based on one or more curveballs. There are over 30 curveballs to choose from and some examples include Gargantua Mutation, Black Heart, and Combustible Zombies. For more examples and information about curveballs, head over to our Instagram page.
    • A lore-inspired story based on one or a few characters and missions from State of Decay 1.
    • Any horror-themed tale set in the State of Decay universe.
  • Entrants are allowed to submit up to 2 short stories.
  • Submissions must be posted in the #tales-of-terror forum channel (located under the Contests category) between Wednesday, Oct. 11 and will run until Oct. 27, 2023 at 12:00 am.
    • Submissions must include the text !FlashFic which will automatically add a reaction featuring the State of Decay skeagle emoji.
  • Community voting will run between now and Oct. 27 at 11:59pm PT.
    • All members of our Discord server will be able to vote by clicking into the post and reacting to it via the State of Decay skeagle emoji.
  • FIVE winners will be chosen and they will each receive a $50 gift card to the Xbox Gear Shop.
    • TWO winners will be chosen by members of the UL team.
    • THREE winners will be chosen by Community Vote (based on the number of total reactions).
    • All five winners will be announced on our live developer stream taking place on Monday, Oct. 30 at 3PM PT on Twitch and Youtube.

In addition to the final winners, 5 short stories will be chosen to be illustrated by Brant Fitzgerald and Megan Bishop and shared on the State of Decay social channels throughout the duration of the contest period.

  • A signed digital copy of these illustrations will be given to the author of the story.
  • Having your story illustrated by our team does not mean you will win, though you can if your submission is chosen by the community and/or UL team.
  • Since Brant and Megan will be choosing their favorite stories to illustrate, they will not be part of the final voting by UL staff.

Note: We have to say it even though we all should know better by now BUT if it’s not obvious, themes of racism, homophobia, pr0n will be automatically disqualified and can also result in a ban. Follow our Community Guidelines and you’ll be fine.

Open to both U.S. and international residents, with the exception of folks residing in countries NOT served by the Xbox Gear Shop. Please review the Xbox Gear Shop international shipping policy for more details.

Now, time to put your pen to paper! It’s story time and we can’t wait to read your tales of terror!

For more Halloween fun, stay tuned to our X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram channels for a Halloween-themed update!