Update 12: the Trumbull Valley Pack, launches today, free for all State of Decay 2 players!

Back in the spring, the Heartland Story DLC returned to the roots of State of Decay by visiting the area known as Trumbull Valley. Now we’re bringing some of the equipment and fashion from Heartland into the game for everyone to use! Read the full patch notes here.

This pack adds new guns and outfits to the base game, drawn from the story and characters of the Heartland Story DLC from earlier this year. It includes five new guns, 30 new outfits, and a new facility mod that allows you to craft improvised rifles for your survivors.

The Guns of Echo Lab

Heartland introduced new firearms designed by the military scientists of Echo Lab. Those weapons were only available inside Trumbull Valley… until now! You can unlock each of these six weapons by completing bounties for the Bounty Broker.

Restored Echo-S1 Revolver
Restored Echo-S2 Rifle
Restored Echo-S3 Shotgun
Restored Echo-S4 SMG
Restored Echo-S6 Pistol
Restored Echo-S7 Assault Rifle

The Guns of Echo Lab

Special Bonus: Keep your eye out for a lootable version of Brock’s gaudy, high-powered handgun, called the Police Auction Golden Vulture. More details in the patch notes.


Trumbull Valley Fashion

We’re adding 30 new outfits to the game, inspired by the clothing worn by the survivors from the Heartland storyline. Two outfits will appear in your Closet for free; the rest can be unlocked either by scavenging or by completing bounties for the Bounty Broker.

Larisse’s rumpled jacket and leather pants (5 variants)
Quincy’s tattered suit (5 variants)
Helena’s leather trenchcoat (5 variants).
Brock and Reba’s leather vests (5 variants)
Diana’s lizard hoodie (5 variants)
Plus five Trumbull Valley t-shirts, from Keesha’s “Shadow Skull” to Bronto Gas.

Make Your Own Weapons

This pack also includes a new facility mod, the Improvised Weapon Station, that you can install into any facility in your base. Use this mod to craft special lead-filled bats, as well as any of the three special improvised rifles that Quincy could create in Heartland (the Trumbull Gatekeeper, the Network DIY Assault Rifle, and the Masterwork Assault Rifle).

Facility Mod: Improvised Weapon Station

We hope you enjoy these new additions to the game, and as always thanks for playing!