Keep your ears warm in the zedpocalypse

Happy New Year, survivors!

We’re back with new content for your community, including an all-new facility mod. Since the weather outside is frightful (at least in our neck of the woods), we’re providing your survivors with some new weapons, outfits, and hats appropriate to the season. Plus, we have some important news about our content packs, so read all the way to the end!

Where does he get those wonderful toys

New Weapons from the Bounty Broker

All five of these new weapons are available by completing the appropriate bounty for the Bounty Broker.

  • Fire Poker: Claim this surprisingly lethal blunt weapon by killing bloaters with fire for the Bounty Broker.
    • We must all keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden. Perhaps this sturdy weapon will aid that endeavor.
  • Ice Axe: To earn this bladed weapon from the Bounty Broker, you’ll have to sever a lot of plague zombie arms.
    • Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. Regardless, you’ll want this durable tool in hand to fend off your enemies.
  • Antler Knife: This exotic close combat weapon can be earned by killing bloaters with crossbows for the Bounty Broker.
    • Take this blade in hand and perhaps you’ll be able to discover your own barbaric yawp.
  • M9: All you have to do to claim this useful handgun from the Bounty Broker is to kill a juggernaut with a pistol shot.
    • This 9mm pistol was a workhorse of law enforcement and the military. It’s not the largest handgun you’ll find, but as a wise man once said, “It ain’t no ham on rye.”
  • 1911 The Producer: You might get a little bloody earning this handgun from the Bounty Broker, as you’ll need to kill armored zeds in close combat.
    • This compact, feisty pistol reminds me of what a young lady once said: “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”

New Outfits and a New Facility Mod!

This content pack adds 10 new outfits, 10 new hats, and a brand-new facility mod, all with an eye toward keeping your survivors warm and cozy.

  • Bomber Jacket
    • The “Crimson” version of this sexy jacket is available from the Bounty Broker.
    • Four additional versions can be found by scavenging in appropriate sites, such as homes, farms, or retail shops.
  • Biker Jacket
    • The attractive “Cinnamon” version of this badass jacket-and-jeans combo is distributed automatically to every player.
    • Four additional versions (including the inevitable black) can be found by scavenging in appropriate sites, such as homes and garages.
  • Bomber Hat
    • A nifty leather bomber hat bearing the State of Decay logo is available from the Bounty Broker.
    • Four additional bomber hats can be found by scavenging in appropriate sites, such as Auto Shops or Gun Stores.
  • Knit Earflap Cap
    • Every player receives one of these fun hats for free, and another is available from the Bounty Broker.
    • Three more can be found by scavenging in appropriate sites, such as homes and campgrounds.
  • Wood Stove (Facility Mod)
    • This new facility mod improves morale at your base, as long as you have a supply of materials. (The wood stove doesn’t actually consume these materials).
    • You can earn this mod by killing screamers with vehicles for the Bounty Broker.

New Content Pack “Retirement” Plan

We think it’s important to keep content packs and challenges fresh. This month we’ve retired the WW2 guns from the Bounty Broker’s inventory. In March, the Go Bag and Fearsome Footage packs will also be retired.

In all cases, you keep anything you already own, but you can’t acquire more items from the retired packs.

After that, each time we add a content pack, we’ll “cycle out” a pack to make room. Of course, in a world where corpses walk, nothing stays dead for long

As always, check out our full patch notes for Update 14, the Bundle Up Pack, at our Support Site.