This month’s update brings back one of our earliest content packs, which has been out of circulation since March. But if you’re thinking that means “nothing new to see here,” then we’re glad to say “Keep reading, my friend,” because this returning pack includes some serious upgrades!

Go Bag Gets Bigger

Our returning Go Bag Pack adds 3 brand-new items to the collection of weapons that was last available in March of this year. This brings the pack to a full 12 bounties, making it one of our larger packs in rotation.

These new bounty items are…

  • Compensating Suppressor: This versatile attachment improves control and power while also reducing noise by half. It’s a great compromise between a brake and a traditional suppressor.
  • Bug Out Bag: This striking new backpack has all the room of an 8-slot pack, but has the smaller profile of a 6-slot pack. Thanks to its bright orange hue, your friends can easily pick you out even when you’re surrounded by zombies.
  • Mad Norma: The “Norma” pickup truck has been a fan favorite since the original State of Decay. This model features some apocalypse-style improvements, along with a shiny new paint job. You’ll almost feel guilty splattering her with zombie guts!

As you can see, these new items continue to experiment with non-traditional bounty content (that is, items other than weapons and outfits). The Bounty Broker is happiest when he’s supplying you with a wide range of options for customizing your survivors and communities, so you can expect us to keep trying out ideas like this in future new and returning packs.

Go Bag Improvements

In bringing back the 9 weapons featured in the original Go Bag Pack, we identified some opportunities to improve and tweak those weapons, based on community feedback and player data. Here’s what you can expect:

  • G45 Burst: Formerly known as the G45 FDE, this pistol now features a 3-round burst fire mode (with some tweaks to its control stats to match).
  • Classic AK-47: We’ve reduced the sway and slightly reduced the recoil on this iconic weapon. We also bumped up the weight just a bit to better match expectations.
  • 9mm Pro 986 Revolver: This handy revolver just got handier, with increased accuracy, reduced sway, and reduced reload time. (Formerly known as the M-Dart Revolver.)
  • Tow Hitch Club: This blunt melee weapon was a little underused by players, so it received a significant boost to its knockdown, a moderate increase to durability, and a small improvement to impact. We also slightly increased its swing cost, to balance these improvements.

These changes will automatically be applied to any of these weapons that you already own.

Go Bag Bounties

This is the first returning content pack that includes bounties. To keep returning packs from feeling like old hat to our veteran players, we are resetting all bounties in this and later returning packs. That means all players will have the same 12 Go Bag bounties available to them from the Bounty Broker.

If you had already completed any Go Bag bounties, you’ll earn bonus influence by completing that bounty again (in addition to getting the appropriate item).

Also, we’ve learned quite a bit about bounty completion rates since this pack was originally designed, so we adjusted the requirements for a couple of the bounties to make them a little easier to achieve. (You’re welcome.)

Coming and Going

With the return of the Go Bag Pack, it’s time to temporarily retire the Pawn Shop Pack. Remember that you keep anything you already own, but you can’t acquire more items from retired packs.

Next month, it’ll be time for another brand-new set of weapons and outfits that we’re calling the Open Range Pack. This pack blends elements of the Old and Modern West to create a collection that evokes images of ranching and rustling alike. So whether you dream of quick-drawing a pearl-handled revolver or you just want to look rugged and wistful in your cowboy hat and denim jacket, this is the pack for you!

To make way for this new pack, the Anniversary Pack will be retired in September. Make sure to complete those bounties soon!

Speaking of leaving soon: this is your last chance to grab the new Bloodmobile that was released with Update 19. This special vehicle is available via radio command, but only until the next pack comes out in September!

Anything Else?

This update is a bit light compared to recent months. But don’t worry! We’re working on some big features and exciting new content and gameplay improvements that will start rolling out next month.

Bug Fixes and Gameplay Improvements

  • The Bounty Broker menu now more clearly shows which pack is leaving soon
  • All AK-47 firearms have received an increase to their horizontal recoil
  • The Sleeper Cell PPK is now properly described and categorized as an assault pistol
  • We revisited the audio mix on attachment-ready guns to ensure that the new compensating suppressor was well-supported

Heads up! Our stream next week is with Obsidian, playing GROUNDED!