Lethal Zone is here

The place where your survival will be truly tested. The most challenging difficulty we’ve ever made, delivering the hardcore experience so many of our players crave.

A Lethal Shade of Winter

As the nights grow longer, the darkness seems to grow deeper and more terrifying. For many of us, this provides a fine excuse to seek out the warm glow of a fire (or at least a light bulb). However, if you’re the type who faces danger with bravado, reveling in every surge of adrenaline… well, this update is most especially dedicated to you, my friend. Read on, if you dare!

Be Careful What You Wish For…

For months, we’ve heard your plaintive cries.

  • “Nightmare Zones aren’t hard enough,” you said. (link)
  • “Where are all the plague freaks?” you asked. (link) And asked. (link) And asked and asked. (linklink)
  • “We need a REAL challenge!” you insisted. (link)

All right, message received… and welcome to the LETHAL ZONE!

This new ultra-hardcore difficulty mode presents the very toughest version of State of Decay 2 that you’ve ever seen. Zombies are even more dangerous, resources and weapons are even harder to find, and blood plague kills you even faster than in Nightmare.

And yes… all the freaks have blood plague. You’re welcome.

Read the FULL PATCH NOTES (including new achievements) on Steam or on our Support Site.

Keep cool in December

Whether or not you are excited to crank up your apocalypse to 11, we are also delivering frosty-fresh content with the all-new Stay Frosty Pack. Here’s just a sample of what you can find in loot and bounties…

…But read our full official patch notes to get every last detail, including many bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

About that new console

We’ve delivered improvements to support the new Xbox Series X|S.

You can expect blazingly fast load times, improved image quality, tighter controls, and a solid 60 frames per second at full 4K (Series X) or 1080p (Series S) resolution.

See you next year

This month, we will be taking a holiday break. Expect the Bundle Up pack to return later this month in a small update to tide you over until we return in 2021.

More on the Bundle Up pack coming soon.

Holiday Streaming Schedule

7: In-depth look at our next content update with Geoffrey and Brant
14: Holiday cheer with Joe and Geoffrey
21: No stream
28: No Stream

4: No Stream
11: We’re back! Agenda TBD

We’ll see you then!