Today, we launch Update 33: Heart Attack.

You’ve waited for this update. You’ve played in the Public Test Realm, or tuned into our developer streams showing the progress we’re making, or watched other testers stream as we tweaked, adjusted, and fine-tuned this update.

One of the Undead Labs designers working on this update described it as making the game even more sim-like; more immersive. The world feels more alive. Plague hearts take on a more important role and play an active part in your game. Strategy becomes more valuable since these semi-sentient flesh beasts aren’t just loot pinatas…they’re aware of you and will fight back to survive. Who will win?

Dive in now to HEART ATTACK, the latest massive update to State of Decay 2, created with your feedback in mind to make the best zombie survival sim experience there is. Free for all players, out now on Steam, Xbox, and Epic.

Read the full patch notes here or on our support site.

Happy surviving!