Celebrate With Us!

Can you believe it’s been two years already since State of Decay 2 came out? Feels like yesterday! Two years of updates and expansions, starting with the Independence Pack and going through the mega-update of Juggernaut Edition.

Whether you’re joining us for the first time or have been part of the world since the original game launched, thank you. Thank you for being here, for playing, for creating a community with us, for making your voice heard about what you want to see next. We’re grateful you’re here, and we couldn’t do this without you.

Anniversary Sale!

Know someone who would love to test their zombie apocalypse plan? Have a friend who would be perfect for that Trader legacy? State of Decay 2 will be on sale for 15% off on the Steam and Epic stores, starting tomorrow, Tuesday May 19! Snag it before it’s gone. The sale runs May 19 – May 26.

Update 17: What’s Inside

Update 17 is here and packed full of free playable content and massive quality of life improvements, from how long it takes to fill your gas tank to follower AI tuning. You’re going to want to take a moment to read the complete patch notes because it’s a beautiful sight that will fill your survivor’s heart with anniversary joy.

Did we mention weapons? There are new weapons.

Need to know what the improvement are to combat with juggs, the speed of reloading, and adjustments to mission pacing? Yes, yes you do!
Read the full patch notes for Update 17.

Limited Time Outfits

Get em while you can!

Amid the awesome new outfits in Update 17 (including the return of the Sand Shark Hoodie) are two special items with limited availability. Get the State of Decay-themed Logo Ninja Hoodie and the Undead Green Cattleman Hat added to your closet just by logging in! This content is available only until June 28 so don’t hesitate.

Where we’re going we don’t need….roads

The Trumbull 4×4 is available now from the bounty broker. This midsize pickup is designed for off-roading, with increased ground clearance and more suspension travel. You are going to have so much fun in this thing. Trust us.

It’s not a party without cake.

A Note on Retired Content Packs

As you’ve likely noticed, we’ve started retiring older content packs to make room for the new content. Already this year we’ve retired the World War 2 Pack, the Fearsome Footage Pack, and the Go Bag Pack.

This month the Critical Response Pack is joining the list of retired content, and in June we’ll retire the Trumbull Valley Pack to make room for another exciting set of new items.

When a content pack is retired, you keep anything you already own. However, you can’t acquire more items from retired packs, nor can you continue making progress on bounties from those packs.

If you don’t manage to complete all the bounties from a pack before it’s retired, don’t fret! In a world where corpses walk, nothing stays dead for long …

Quick Recap

We’ve got a lot to cover so here’s the tl;dr!

While this is a shipping anniversary for us at Undead Labs, it’s also an anniversary we share with you. It’s the anniversary of when we all began playing State of Decay 2 together, and we’re celebrating every update that’s led us here today. We can’t overstate how delighted we are that you love playing this game. It’s the best present we could ask for. Thank you. Happy Anniversary! We survive together.