How do you follow up announcing State of Decay 3? Well here at Undead Labs, it’s by putting out a content update for State of Decay 2 the very next week!

While State of Decay 3 is in early development, we are not slowing our support of State of Decay 2. We deeply appreciate the excitement from the community, and we’re just getting started! Thank you for being here and playing — we couldn’t do this without you!

Onto the update news! In Update 19: Riding Shotgun, we introduce a horde of improvements. Here are the highlights:

Are you the type of person who’d rather watch a video or have it going in the background? Watch our Update 19 Patch Notes Stream, recorded earlier today.

  • Vehicle Tune-Up: Our mechanics have improved performance for all vehicles in the game.
  • Shotgun Upgrade: We’ve drastically upgraded the zombie-stopping power of the humble boomstick.
  • Drucker County, Enhanced: We made this plateau map more visually appealing and much friendlier for drivers.
  • Free Bloodmobile: Use your radio to call in this unique vehicle for your community. Available for a limited time!
  • World War 2 Pack Returns: Older weapons are now in loot, and new weapons and outfits are available from the Bounty Broker.

You want details? We got details! Read the Patch Notes here.

The upgraded WW2 Pack

Update 19 is live. Download it now and let us know what you think in Discord!