Pawn Shop Pack

The Pawn Shop pack adds new, free content to Juggernaut Edition, including closet items and unique weapons you can unlock by completing bounties! It’s available now.

Pawn shops are intriguing locations filled with a wide variety of unusual items, from appliances to guns to jewelry. In that spirit, we’re offering this new array of useful gear and outfits for your survivors. It’s like the pawn shop came right to your door with a delivery!

This content pack adds seven new weapons to the game, all of which are available via new Bounty Broker challenges.

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  •   PPQ 45 — A .45 caliber variant of the PPQ frame that uses polygonal rifling instead of “lands and grooves” to achieve extraordinary accuracy.
  •   G45 — An evolution of the G19 that incorporates years of field experience into a new, highly durable version of the classic pistol.
  •   Hunter SKS — This rifle was modified with a scope and brake for pinpoint protein procurement. Now it has other uses.
  •   Non-Compliant SKS — This SKS joined an outlaw biker gang, adding full auto conversion, a high-capacity “double stack” magazine, and a high-speed optic.
  •   Wyrmling — A gorgeous new close-combat weapon that pairs well with its larger cousin, the Wyvern.
  •   Wyvern — The most elegant blade you could expect for three installments of $29.95. Pick up the Wyrmling to complete the set.
  •   Guandao — An ancient, heavy blade meant to be swung with power. Use it to vanquish hordes of your enemies.

In addition, the pack includes five new raincoats and matching rain hats to keep your survivors dry in these rainy months. The black set can be earned by completing a pair of Bounty Broker challenges, while the other four sets are all added to your Closet for free! And remember, all hats and outfits you’ve gained are shared across all communities on your account.

How To Get ‘Em

Most items associated with bounties can’t be found by scavenging, in trader inventories, or on survivors you meet in the world. Completing the bounty is the only reliable way to get the item.

Content Pack Cycling Update

We had previously announced that this update would see the retirement of the Critical Response Pack. Instead, we’re keeping that pack in the rotation for one more month!

In other words, you have a little more time to finish those Bounty Broker challenges from the Critical Response Pack before it’s replaced in Update 17 with another new pack of goodies.

Future content pack releases will still “cycle out” one pack to make room, but this means we’ll now have four packs in the current rotation instead of three:

The Critical Response Pack will be the first to get cycled out, so if there’s a weapon catching your eye, get it now before it’s gone!

Once a pack is cycled out, you will not find those items by scavenging in the world, but you will keep any you’ve found or earned through bounties.

Enjoy the new bounty hunting! For to see more, check out last week’s patch notes developer stream or read the official patch notes, and join our next livestream on Monday the 27th at 3pm PT with our developers hunting some of the new bounties.

Enjoy the new Pawn Shop Pack and remember… we survive together!