A new way to play, and the Plunder Pack

Tell me survivors, how do you like your apocalypse?

We’ve added a new difficulty level to State of Decay 2! Think of the Green Zone as a more relaxed, accessible apocalypse, designed for all those gamers who’d like to explore what’s possible in State of Decay 2 without enduring quite so much stress.

You might not think “relaxation” when you hear the words “zombie game,” but the beauty of Green Zone is that even you’re an experienced player, it’s a great place to try out riskier tactics or put down the high stakes of survival for a while and enjoy the fun.

Ultimately, our goal with Green Zone is to welcome new players to State of Decay 2 who may be less experienced in combat simulation games, and provide enjoyable, systems-heavy gameplay with a side of zombies!

Here’s our dev team in their own words:

Green Zone, like Dread and Nightmare before it, are different slices of the same State of Decay 2 experience. If Green Zone wasn’t built for you, we’ve still got you covered with the Plunder Pack, featuring new weapons and the sweetest muscle car we’ve ever made — all inspired by our friends at Rare and Sea of Thieves!

Let’s get kraken

This pack adds four weapons, two outfits, two hats, and one seriously sexy vehicle to the game. All nine of these wonderful items are available by completing bounties for the Bounty Broker.

Vroom vroom

  • Sea Dog Blunderbuss: Some call this short-range shotgun-style weapon the original horde stopper.
  • Spyglass Rifle: With a .50 caliber rifle like this elegant beauty, you can brave the darkest waters without need for a bigger boat.
  • Dead Man’s Cutlass: This marvelous bladed weapon is just what you need to take arms against a sea of thieves. I mean troubles.
  • Bilge Rat Shovel: It may not look like much, but this handy blunt weapon has plenty of “digging” left in it yet.
  • Buccaneer Bandanna: This handy piece of headgear bears the insignia of the mysterious Order of Souls!
  • Naval Tricorne: It’s the hat that plundered a thousand ships.
  • Pirate Jacket: This tattered coat has seen more than its share of pillaging.
  • Kraken Hoodie: Terrifying monsters inspire the most attractive outfits.
  • Megalodon: A gorgeous muscle car modeled after the legendary marine predator.

Buried, er, bounty treasure!

We also include tons of quality of life fixes in Update 18. Here are some highlights:

  • Increased fuel capacity for all vehicles
  • Increased resource storage for all bases
  • Easier-to-find containers in secured buildings
  • Improved follower behaviors against juggernauts and plague hearts
  • Tabs on the inventory screen to ease navigation

Read the complete Patch Notes here to get all the details on Update 18!

Pop art awaits you in the new update

Together, we survive.